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Survivor : Kenya
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Genre Reality Competition
Winner Demi / Demikol
No. of Castaways 15




Original Run April 13th, 2016 - April 29th, 2016
Preceded by Japan
Followed by Belize

Survivor: Kenya is the second installment of Kolby's Survivor Series. Season two had three players from season one returned for a shot at redemption, those being Demi (Demikol), Eve (Falconbait26), and Drew (Bulldozer24).This season was known for its chaotic nature, with two rock draws, one occurring during the premerge. The season ended when returning player Demi (Demikol) defeated Aiden (Gamerden13) and Aaron (Slendie258) in a 4-1-1 vote. This season also featured the Questionable Leadership twist in the pre-merge stage, which allowed someone to become the 'leader' and divide the three tribes in anyway that they would like.

Blurb Edit

Off the Eastern African coast lies the country of Kenya. Known for its expansive savannas and beautiful hills, Kenya provides a harsh and humid climate for our new cast of survivors. Along the coast of Kenya, 15 castaways will have to thrive along its tropical beaches, as well as live and work with each other. In this season of Kolby's Survivor, you must collaborate in order to survive. But, it is only when you become independent that you can outwit, outplay and outlast your way to the million dollar prize.

18 days, 15 people, 1 Survivor!

Production Edit

The second season of Kolby's Survivor premiered April 13th, 2016 and ended at the live reunion on April 22nd, 2016.

Twists Edit

Hidden Immunity Idols Edit

Each day castaways get to choose a number 1-25 (Pre-Merge) 1-40 (Post-Merge) to get a chance to obtain the Hidden Immunity Idol. This season the Hidden Immunity Idol has been replaced by the Territorial Idol for the pre-merge section of the game.

Three Tribe Format Edit

Instead of dividing the castaways into two tribes they are divided into three tribes of five.

Questionable Leadership Edit

At the start of the game a few select castaways will "duel" for leadership, with the leadership power you can arrange the tribes anways YOU would like. During specific times, someone can challenge the leader at the time to a duel, which they will play a Tengaged minigame, fast competition or some minigame to decide who wins the duel. If the leader gets defeated the winner of the duel will then be able to shift the tribes to there liking. There will be a specific duel time before each challenge. Only ONE person can start a duel per tribe, first come, first serve.

Territorial Idols Edit

The Territorial Idol can only be used on a specific tribe, if someone holding the TI switches to another tribe they cannot use the Idol. Come merge all Terriotorial Idols become regular Hidden Immunity Idols!

Returning Players Edit

Three players that played in Kolby's Survivor: Japan got a second chance to return to the game and find themselves redemption. They are Drew (Bulldozer24) Eve (Falconbait26) and eventual winner of the season Demi (Demikol)

Castaways Edit

Castaway Original Tribe First Swapped Tribe Second Swapped Tribe Merge Tribe Finish Total Votes
Maicol Mike Turkana 15th
Day 2
Gooble Gooble Samburu 14th
Day 3
Crypt Crypt Turkana Samburu 13th
Day 4
Drew Drew Samburu Turkana Turkana 12th
Day 6
AJ AJ Samburu Turkana Turkana 11th
Day 7
Daniel Daniel Samburu Turkana Turkana Pamoja 10th
Day 8
Clair Clair Masai Masai Masai 9th
Day 9
Dino Dino Turkana Masai Masai 8th
Day 11
Acosta Acosta Masai Masai Masai 7th
Day 12
Eve Eve Masai Masai Masai 6th
Day 14
Matt2 Matt Samburu Turkana Turkana 5th
Day 15
Dylan Dylan Turkana Samburu Masai 4th
Day 16
Aiden Aiden Masai Masai Masai Runner Up 10
Aaron Aaron Masai Samburu Turkana Runner Up 5
Demi2 Demi Turkana Turkana Turkana Sole Survivor 1

Episodes Edit

Title Air Date Immunity Eliminated Vote Placement
1 "WOW, WTF, How Exciting And Im Screwed" April 13th, 2016 Masai Mike 4-1 15th
2 "To Slaughter A Turkey" April 14th, 2016 Masai Gooble 4-1* 14th
3 "The Natives Are Getting Restless" April 16th, 2016 Masai Crypt 3-1 13th
4 "Shoot Me In The Face" April 17th, 2016 Masai Drew 1-1-1 (Rocks) 12th
5 "All Is Fair In Love And Survivor" April 18th, 2016 Masai AJ 3*-2 11th
6 "Let The Dust Settle" April 20th, 2016 Aiden Daniel 5-2*-2-1 10th
7 "#Can'tSaveAHoe" April 23rd, 2016 Dino Clair 4-4*-1 9th
8 "Fakest Bitch Alive" April 24th, 2016 Aiden Dino 4-3-1 8th
9 "Cup Of Chaos" April 25th, 2016 Demi Acosta 4-1*-1-1 7th
10 "Raccoon In The Pantry" April 26th, 2016 Aaron Eve 3-3 [2-2] (Rocks) 6th
11 "Terrible Temptations" April 28th, 2016 Dylan Matt 4-1 5th
12 "Don't Hate The Player Hate The Game" April 29th, 2016 Demi Dylan 3-1 4th
Jury Votes Aiden 4-1-1 3rd
Aaron 2nd
Demi Sole Survivor

Returning Players Edit

Season Castaways

Voting TableEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated: Mike Gooble Crypt Tie Deadlock Drew AJ Daniel Clair Dino Acosta Tie Deadlock Eve Matt Dylan
Vote: 4-1 4-0 3-1 1-1-1 1-1-1 Rock Draw 2-0 5-2-1 4-4-1 4-3-1 4-1-1 3-3 2-2 Rock Draw 4-1 3-1
Demi Mike AJ Daniel Clair Dino Acosta Matt Matt N/A Matt Dylan
Aiden Daniel Clair Dino Acosta Matt N/A N/A Matt Dylan
Aaron Dylan Dylan AJ Matt Clair Dino Acosta Matt Matt N/A Matt Dylan
Dylan Dino Aaron Aaron Daniel Aiden Acosta Aiden Aiden Aiden N/A Aaron Aaron
Matt Gooble Crypt Aaron Dino Aiden Acosta S-V Aiden N/A N/A S-V
Eve Daniel Clair Dino Acosta Aiden Aiden N/A
Acosta S-V Eve Demi Dylan
Dino Mike Daniel Aiden Acosta
Clair Matt Aiden
Daniel Gooble Crypt Aaron Dino
AJ Gooble Crypt Aaron
Drew Gooble S-V S-V
Crypt Mike Matt
Gooble Drew
Mike S-V

Contestants Original Tribe Swap #1 Swap #2 Swap #3 Merge


Total Votes


Turkana 15th


Samburu 14th


Turkana Samburu 13th


Samburu Turkana Samburu 12th


Samburu Samburu Turkana Turkana 11th


Samburu Samburu Masai Turkana Pamoja


1st Juror


Masai Masai Masai Masai Pamoja


2nd Juror


Turkana Turkana Masai Samburu Pamoja 8th

3rd Juror


Masai Masai Turkana Masai Pamoja 7th

4th Juror


Masai Masai Masai Masai Pamoja 6th

5th Juror


Samburu Samburu Turkana Turkana Pamoja 5th

6th Juror


Turkana Turkana Samburu Masai Pamoja


7th Juror


Masai Masai Samburu Turkana Pamoja Co-Runner Up


Masai Masai Turkana Masai Pamoja Co-Runner Up


Turkana Turkana Masai Turkana Pamoja Winner