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Survivor : Haiti
Genre Reality Competition
Winner TBA
No. of Castaways 16




Original Run  ? - ?
Preceded by Greece
Followed by ?

Survivor: Haiti is the seventh installment of Kolby's Survivor Series.

Blurb Edit

Haiti. While sharing a western border to the Dominican Republic, Haiti is a rich culture with a varied climate. From swamps, to mountains, to sandy shores, Haiti will provide a test for anyone looking to settle its frontiers. During the 17th century, Haiti provided a fertile growing spot for those who brought the acts of voodoo from Africa. Today, though still recovering from its 2010 eathquake, Haiti remains a popular destination for tourists coming from all over the globe. However, our castaways won't be here to take pictures and soak in the Caribbean sun. In season seven of Kolby's Survivor, we will feature 16 players completely new to the game. They will have to survive through the humidity of the ocean's winds, struggle to hydrate themselves, and most importantly, fight for their lives in the game of Survivor. Will the powers of voodoo curse our new contestants? Or will they overcome the mystical lands of Haiti to become season seven's Sole Survivor?

39 days, 16 people, 1 Survivor!

Production Edit

The seventh season of Kolby's Survivor premiered _______, 2017 and ended at the live reunion on _______, 2017 with _________ defeating ___________ in a ?-? vote.

Twists Edit

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