Returning Players is a twist in Kolby's Survivor. 

This twist involves one or more players from previous Kolby's Survivor seasons returning to play the game once more.

Appearance(s) Edit

In Survivor: Kenya , three returning players, all from Survivor: Japan , got a chance to win the game yet again. These returning players were Demi, Eve, and Drew. Returning player Demi would go on to become the Sole Survivor of this season.

In Survivor: Kuwait , two more players returned to the game: Bob (islandsurvivor) who placed in 9th when he was on Survivor: Japan, and Aiden (Gamerden13) who came in 2nd when he appeared on Survivor: Kenya. The two returning players did not have as much success as those who returned in Survivor: Kenya, as they both were voted out back-to-back before the merge.

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