Host Profile
Name Kolby
Color Silver
Seasons Hosted Japan

Kolby is the host of Kolby's Survivor, as well as the producer, creative consultant, and casting director.

Kolby originally started hosting Kolby's Survivor in March of 2016, with his first installment of Survivor: Japan. After the series gained popularity, he decided to continue it a month later with his second season, Survivor: Kenya. Two months later, Kolby would host season 3, Survivor: Belize. Belize, however, did not go as smoothly as Kolby's first two seasons. After a lot of inactive players and a very rough journey to the end of season 3, Kolby decided to go on a hiatus before he would host his fourth season: Survivor: Kuwait, which did very well compared to season 3. After the success of Kuwait, Kolby is now currently hosting season 5, Survivor: Estonia. In addition, Kolby has stated his plans to do an "All-Stars" season of his Survivor series at season 6.