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Tribe Profile
Tribe Type Expansion Tribe
Day Formed Day 4
Rival Tribe(s) Ares
Status Dissolved
Lowest Placing Member Matty/NCFX (12/20)
Highest Placing Member Joshua/lionnudes (4/20)


Charis is a tribe in Kolby's Survivor: Greece. The tribe color is green.

Appearing only after the expansion at the final 18, Charis won every single immunity challenge during that stage of the game. Despite this, the highest placing member, Joshua, only placed fourth by the end of the game. The tribe was dissolved on Day 8.

Members Edit

Post ExpansionEdit

Matty Deanna ConnorS5 SamS6 Aaron Joshua

Matty (NCFX)
Deanna (deeannamorgan)
Connor (Telographic)
Sam (SammySosaTV)
Aaron (Slendie258)
Joshua (Lionnudes)

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