Contestant Profile
Name Bennett
Color Level Black
Tribe(s) Kriol
Placement 1/16
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 18

Bennett is the Sole Survivor of Kolby's Survivor: Belize.

Challenge Records Edit

Flappy Bird Fillet (won)
Belize Trivia (lost)
Profile Presenter (won)
Tribal Coordination (won)
The Survivor Gamble (won)
Merge Flag Mania (lost)
Fruit Ninja (lost)
Tengaged Rainbow (lost)
Thunderdome (lost)
Mini-Game Madness (lost)
The Great Belizean Race (won)

Voting Records Edit

Bennett's Voting History
Episode Bennett's
Voted Against
1 N/A (Immune) N/A (Immune)
2 Gamo N/A
3 N/A (Immune) N/A (Immune)
4 N/A (Immune) N/A (Immune)
5 Michael N/A (Immune)
6 Brandon Brandon, Brandon, Annie
7 Matty Annie
8 Michael N/A
9 Noah N/A
10 Corinne N/A
11 No Tribal No Tribal
12 No Tribal No Tribal (Removed)
13 Corinne N/A (Immune)
FTC N/A Brandon R, Matty, Michael, Annie
Winner, Jury Vote 4-3-0

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