Awards Edit

  • Player of The Season
  • Hero of The Season
  • Villain of The Season
  • Most Entertaining
  • Fan-Favorite
  • Untapped Potential
  • Best Episode

Player of the Season
Player Placement Season
_Adidas_ 3rd Japan
Mattarous 5th Kenya
JoshBB17 2nd Belize
JMez2612 3rd Kuwait
Swadles 6th Estonia
Hero of the Season
Player Placement Season
Demikol 6th Japan
Gamerden13 2nd Kenya
CorinneKaplan4460 4th Belize
DevinB 4th Kuwait
Swadles 6th Estonia
Villain of the Season
Player Placement Season
survivornerd 1st Japan
falconbait26 6th Kenya
JoshBB17 2nd Belize
Renny10 1st Kuwait
VegasBoy94 5th Estonia
Most Entertaining Player of The Season
Player Placement Season
lionnudes 5th Japan
Demikol 6th Kenya
CorinneKaplan4460 5th Belize
Hufus 5th Kuwait
WANJ 2nd Estonia
Player Placement Season
Demikol 1st Kenya
CorinneKaplan4460 5th Belize
Hufus and JMez2612 5th and 3rd Kuwait
deeannamorgan and Nostalgic 8th and 1st Estonia
Untapped Potential
Player Placement Season
Bulldozer24 8th Japan
Haycsclair 2nd Kenya
DuffyButt11 3rd Belize
alanb1 16th Kuwait
deeannamorgan 8th Estonia
Best Episode of The Season
Player Episode # Season
"Don't Know Whether To Shit or Go Blind" 6 Japan
"Raccoon In The Pantry 10 Kenya
"Enjoy Ponderosa" 6 Belize
"Like A Tiger I Will Pounce" 5 Kuwait
"Pitstop at Ponderosa" 8 Estonia

Records Edit

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